Bob W. has been a lifelong banker, working in New York, London, Los Angeles and Houston since the late 1960’s.  He has a Liberal Arts degree in History, an MBA in Finance and a PhD in Mythological Studies.  The height of his career was as head of the Energy business at the largest bank in Houston in the boom and bust period of the late 1970s and 1980s…and, through all of this, he has also struggled with lifelong alcoholism, a condition which had intermittent, but seriously damaging effects on his career.

His studies in Mythology in the early to mid-2000’s gave him the opportunity to see his disease in a startling new light…and to realize the profound magnitude of the Journey to Sobriety of all of his compatriots in the Fellowships of Recovery.

He is also a published author.  His book Moby-Dick’ and the Mythology of Oil, published in 2010 and peer-reviewed in 2012, uses Herman Melville’s classic as a broad analogy for our petroleum based economic system. It is available on Amazon.

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